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    Vertical Carbonized Bamboo Board for Worktops and Tabletops
    Vertical Pressed Bamboo Panel
    Vertical is side pressed. Bamboo strips are oriented on edge, reducing the visibility of “knuckles”, and providing a cleaner, flowing appearance.
    All the vertical bamboo panel is made from 4-6 Years Mao Bamboo Phyllostachys pubescens bamboo ,through special boil bleached or carbonized , and scientific superposition with ECO-friendly Dynea glue and under 95°hot pressing to finished . Such bamboo panels has features of high density , high toughness , high shape retention ,high Abrasion resistance , which is very welcome to used in furniture, flooring , crafts etc.
    Color of Natural and Carbonized .
    Normal size of 1000mm、2000mm、2200mm、2500mm、3000mm , 3050mm to 400omm.
    width 5mm to 1250mm.
    Thickness 1.5mm to 450mm.
    Each bamboo strand width is 20mm.
    And regular structure and size is:
    1-plyVertical1.5-3mmWithin 300
    Coss-plyCross Vertical & Vertical12-40500/600/1000/12202000/2200/2440/3000
    Bamboo panels compared to hardwood beech wood :
    Bamboo panel Solidity : 32HB ( beech wood only 24HB)
    Bamboo panel Density : 0.79g/cm3(beech wood only 0.63g/cm3)
    Bamboo panel compressive strength : 1271kg/cm2(beech wood ≤600kg/cm2)
    Bamboo panel Moisture Rate:8%—12%
    Bamboo panel glue: E0 and E1 grade with standard to ANSI-3.
    Bamboo panel colors : Carbonized ( Chocolate or caramel ) and Natural ( White )
    Bamboo panel structure : Horizontal , Vertical, Cross Horizontal , Cross Vertical
    Vertical Horizontal
    3-Ply Cross Vertical3-ply Cross Horizontal

    Cross Horizontal 5mm Horizontal 15mm,19mm,25mm,30mm Cross horizontal 40mm
    Vertical 4mm,6mm,8mm cross Vertical 15mm,19mm,25mm,30mm Cross vertical 40mm
    Bamboo Panel Advantages:
    1. PRO-environment
    2. Hard and wearable
    3. Healthy and non-polluted
    4. Convenient install
    Bamboo Board Certificate:
    1. Glue Free of formaldehyde.
    2. Certificate of FSC, FDA, ISO9001
    3. Glue strength standard to ANSI-3.
    Application: Bamboo panel is ideal products for customized furniture, worktop, staircase, cabinet, decoration etc.
    Function: Durable, Moisture proof, insect resistant

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