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    Description of Gyoung pasta spaghetti making machine India production line
    Automatic Spaghetti Making Machine India drying line
    After through the extrusion and cutting, the product into the pre-dryer, the hot-blast temperature to 87~100℃ in pre-dryer, the humidity keep 98-85RH.
    When come out pre-dryer, then products through the hoister into the drying line. The drying line is continuous conveying, cycle of wind and temperature changes, remain with high humidity, from 98RH~85RH. After 8-12hours drying
    After cooling, the products directly into packaging machine to pack, or enter into storage to deposit. The deposit capacity is 10~11 tons (depending on product’s specification and different size.)

    spaghetti production line making machine India (computer control, labor controls the computer)
    1Flour conveyorVibrate sieve
    Hoister by wind
    Dust catcher
    Wind pipe
    2Automatic flour mixing systemPacket
    Tripping device under negative pressure state
    Automatic high speed
    flour mixer
    Mixer in vacuum
    Vacuum unit
    3Vacuum extruderVacuum extruder with water cooling
    Water cooling device
    Automatic cutter
    Flotsam reclaim system
    Cutting and level machine
    4Automatic drying lineThree layer drying line
    Cooling machine
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