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    [Product Name] Glycocyamine(GAA)
    [Appearance] White powder
    [Molecular Formula] C2H4NNaO2
    [Molecular Weight] 117.1066
    [CAS NO.] 352-97-6
    [Melting Point] 300鈩?Decomposition)
    [Solubility] Insoluble in water
    [Part size distribution]100% pass 20mesh
    [Quality Standard] ENTERPRISE STANDARD
    Guanidine acetic acid for fish and shrimp
    Promote the growth of livestock, poultry, fish and shrimp: guanidine acetic acid is the precursor of creatine, with stable performance and high absorption rate, which can promote more energy distribution to the synthesis of muscle tissue, and increase the growth rate of fish and shrimp by 8%銆?/p>Customized Feed Grade Glycocyamine