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    Hand-held Metal Detector
    Model: V160
    Hand-held Metal Detector Main Features
    The V160 is a high sensitivity for handheld devices designed specifically for the detection of magnetic and non-magnetic metal objects. Can be used to check carry or hiding in the parcels in weapons,explosives or other small metal objects. The special shape of the sensing area is designed to make the operation more simple and convenient.
    V160 hand held metal detector with ultra-high sensitivity, can be used to specifically detect extremely small non-magnetic metal objects.
    V160 hand held metal detector with three forms of sound, light and vibration alarm can be adpapted to check a variety of environments, and long battery life to meet the continuing needs.
    V160 hand held metal detector is the most advanced electronic technology, suitable for all international safety standards.

    Hand-held Metal Detector Specifications
    Sensitivity: Low sensitivity, normal sensitivity, high sensitivity and ultra-high sensitivity
    Power: dedicated 7.4V lithium battery, 9V Ni-MH batteries.
    Ultra-long standby: about 100 hours long standby time, dedicated lithium up to 500 hours.
    Charger: optional
    Operating temperature: -20℃~+65℃(relative humidity:0~95%)
    Size: 350X80X60(mm)
    Weight: 200g
    Material: shock, impact resistant ABS plastic.

    Hand-held Metal Detector Appliation
    This device does not disassemble. Otherwise may cause device performance degradation or even unusable
    User of non-matching charger may result in equipment damage or even fire.
    This device contains a high level of integration of the electronic circuit architecture, the direct impact is easy to cause the device to paralysis.
    To avoid the rain or other liquids directly sprinkling.
    Select dry and dark environment storage.
    Waste batteries must not be discarded in ordinary trash, use pulic battery recycling equioment.
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